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Leav is a Montreal-based PayTech company offering contactless cloud payment solutions for small and medium retailers.

Our Goals & Values

Leav was born in 2019 from a desire to place consumers back to the centre of the customer experience. Founded by a small group of friends, the objective was to empower small and medium businesses by providing them with the necessary technological tools to compete with bigger brands. Our vision is to democratize payment technologies so that smaller merchants can finally gain access to solutions they couldn't in the past.

There is an increasingly growing rift between what retailers can offer and how their customers want to shop. Our goal is to digitize the existing checkout process enabling customers to oversee their own shopping experience. As frequent consumers, our passion is derived from user-centricity. We aspire to develop a solution that retailers trust and enjoy as much as their customers.

“We believe payments should be enjoyable, and as the last step in the customer experience, they are essential to creating a lasting impression."
Olivier Roy | Co-Founder of Leav
Meet the founders

The core team

Olivier Roy
Experience co-founder
Marketing and technology have always been my passions. It’s exactly this desire that pushed me to launch my first advertisement company...
Evgeny Grachev
Entrepreneurship was introduced into my life when I was 18. From that point on, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. My career began in marketing...
Charles S.
From a very young age, the way technology can alter the way we think about the world around us fascinated me. This led me to build my first computer...
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