Kaloi Tomov

Co-founder at Leav

Kaloi earned a Bachelor's degree in Economics and a Master's of Arts in Economic History from the University of Glasgow. His academic pursuits cantered around investigating the causalities between business cycles and fluctuations in commodity prices in the context of the Great Depression. Simultaneously, he offered macro-strategic advice to a private investment holding, a role that provided him with tangible insights into economic trends and effective investment valuations strategies. Kaloi is passionate about capital markets, macroeconomics, value investing, and the intricate challenges faced by retailers today.

Within Leav, he engages in research and business development, leveraging his analytical skills to seek out original and sustainable solutions that benefit shoppers and merchants alike. His curiosity fuels his motivation to explore innovative approaches that align with Leav's core mission.In his spare time, Kaloi enjoys activities such as cycling, camping, and reading non-fiction books.

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