La Vie en Rose

Improving In-Store Experience & Efficiency


La Vie en Rose, a premier lingerie retailer in Canada, adopted Leav Swift to enhance its in-store experience
& operational efficiency. With our scan & go solution, La Vie en Rose gained a competitive edge in today's
dynamic retail environment without requiring important investments in new infrastructure.


Rooted in Montreal, La Vie en Rose has evolved into a signature shopping destination in Canada, boasting
over 300 stores nationwide and a growing international presence. While high store traffic promises increased
sales, it often requires additional staffing and resources. When coupled with mounting labor costs, escalating
rents and the growing expectations for convenience from customers, the stakes are high.


With a reputation built around pristine store ambiance, conventional and bulky self-checkout counters were
out of the question. The challenge remained in finding a solution that retains customer experience while
ensuring optimal efficiency.


La Vie en Rose, always at the forefront of innovation, has persistently sought solutions that elevate customer
experiences while addressing operational challenges. With Leav, they aimed to:

  • Refine In-Store Checkout Process
  • Capture Customer Data and Insights
  • Reallocate Staff to Added Value Tasks
  • Increase Basket Size and Sales
  • Maintain Premium Brand Aesthetic


Leav's promise of flexibility, scalability and customer-centric approach resonated with La Vie en Rose's
aspirations. The retailer initiated the deployment of Leav’s Scan & Go solution across 23 prime locations,
enabling sales & consumer analytics, instant promotions, and enhanced data capture.


Leveraging Leav’s Scan & Go solution, La Vie en Rose significantly enhanced its in-store experience and
generated tangible financial benefits:

  • Over 3 months, transactions facilitated through Leav reported a 31% SURGE IN
    AVERAGE BASKET VALUE in contrast to traditional checkouts. This uptick reached
    an impressive PEAK OF 69% during the period.
  • Throughout the year, Leav-assisted purchases consistently showcased a heightened
    basket value, averaging an UPLIFT OF 22%.
  • The ability to capture vital customer information was amplified, registering a remarkable
  • Store associates were able to better serve clients, IMPROVING CHECKOUT TIME
    BY 90% and significantly REDUCING ABANDONED BASKETS.


Working with Leav, La Vie en Rose has redefined its in-store operations, reducing bottlenecks, acquiring
priceless customer insights and facilitating a more interactive shopping experience.

Employees can now avoid simple transactions and focus on value-added tasks, leading to better customer service. - Eric Champagne, La Vie en Rose CIO

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